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Galen Glen Winery - Restaurants with Our Wines
Our wines are served in many distinguished restaurants. Please visit often to find out about new restaurant partners. Click here to email us and let us know where you'd like to see our wine served!
Reading Area
Arbor Inn, St. Lawrence - www.facebook.com/fdarborinn
Building 24 - The Works, Wyomissing - www.bldg24.com
Christine's Creekside Inn, Birdsboro-Gibraltar - www.christinescreeksideinn.com
Cigars International, Hamburg - www.cigarsinternational.com
Jimmie Kramer's Peanut Bar, Reading - www.peanutbar.com
Judy's on Cherry, Reading - judysoncherry.com
Say Cheese! Restaurant and Cheese, West Reading - www.saycheese-restaurant.com
Stoudt's Restaurant & Pub, Adamstown - stoudts.com/restaurant
The Ugly Oyster Drafthaus, Reading - theuglyoyster.com