Galen Glen Winery - Our History
Trips to Germany and wine from Hawaii via Galen's best friend collided to inspire Galen and Sarah to leave corporate jobs and acquire the Troxell family double century farm. Galen brought with him years of experience as a mechanical engineer combined with a natural ability to grow things from his youth. Sarah worked as a chemist, packaging liquid drugs, and transitioned to a new product, wine.
Our heirloom property is named after Galen and our terrain, a glacially carved 'U' shape or 'glen'. The tasting room is located high on one hillside with vineyards, the cellars are tucked into the base of the glen and more vineyards are on the other hillside.
This cherry sapling symbolizes our perseverance. Chopped down by Galen, our first vineyard was planted using it for row to row spacing, creating meandering grapevines.

Crooked vines. Exquisite wines.